The children are also given the opportunity to participate in shows and activities beyond the environment of the Foundation. These include organised excursions, visits to people’s homes, schools and other public places, and walks. They also help in cleaning the gardens belonging to the local community. This allows them to socially adjust in various environments, making it easier for them to feel a part of society. They also take part in shows organised by the Foundation for the purpose of making the public more aware and sensitive towards the handicapped.

The Foundation has an annual Flag Day to raise funds crucial for the establishment. Much needed money is also raised by the bazaars held at Christmas and Easter, a Philanthropic tea and a dinner dance. The latter is always organised by one of the Foundation’s best friends, Gregory Dionysiou, owner of a take-away restaurant.

Physical education plays an important part in maintaining the children’s health and well-being. Once a week they are taken to a stadium in the town, where some are trained to take part in competitive sport both in Cyprus and abroad. Some go to the Special Olympic Games and in the past the athletes have had great success. Their trainers are extremely proud of them when they come home with gold medals on their chests and big smiles on their faces.

They also participate in other sports like horse riding, bowling, golf, football, basketball etc., and have taken part, with great success, in the Pancyprian Festival of the Special Arts.