History and Donors

“What will become of me, Mummy, when you die?”

A question that struck fear into the heart of Mrs Ismini Liasidou Saul from Paphos inCyprus. For 33 years this poor mother was to hear that plea daily from her only child, the beautiful, but physically handicapped, Margarita. Yet things did not happen the way the little girl feared, for it was she who died. The heartbroken mother, in her desperation and grief and in an effort to keep her child’s memory alive, decided to establish a Foundation for the handicapped children of Paphos and name it after her beloved daughter, Margarita Liasidou.

The foundation was to be a permanent memorial for her daughter and a place of refuge for all the disabled children of Paphos. It was a difficult task and an uphill climb all the way, but the love this mother had for her only child gave her the perseverance, determination and will to succeed in her goal. She received help and support from God, but also from Margarita’s step-father, Mervyn Saul, who came fromCardiffinWales.

The Margarita Liasidou Foundation is now the pride and joy of the people of Paphos, for its facilities are of the highest standard. The Foundation was established and published in the Government’s Gazette on the 15th July 1986 as a Philanthropic Organisation according to the Law of 1972. The foundation stone was laid on the 24th October 1990 by the Minister of Labour at Koloni village on the outskirts of Paphos. It was built on a piece of land donated especially for this project by the Bishop of Paphos, His Grace Chrysostomos.

From her own personal savings Ismini Liasidou Saul offered the sum of fifty thousand Cypruspounds for the commencement of the project. With help from many sources, including the government, the Churchof Cyprusand various local Organisations and Clubs, her dream became a wonderful reality. The Foundation opened on the 15th September 1992 and the opening ceremony was performed on the 7th November 1992 by the then First Lady of the Republic, Mrs Androulla Vassiliou. Today the Foundation offers help to approximately fifty people. Its Day Care service operates from 7.30am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday, and caters to the needs of handicapped children of all ages.